Welcome to Woolly Bunnet Crochet


So the changes that I’ve been working on ended up bigger than initally planned. I am transitioning away from making hats and moving toward making crocheted beach cover ups, bikinis, and wraps. With this new focus I have also decided to change my business name!

Woolly Bunnet Crochet is now Knotty Shores!

I’m in the process of working out all bits and bobs so please bear with me during this transition.
Thank you to all my customers, followers, friends and family. I would never have the courage to take this leap with out your encouragement.

In the meantime, you can visit Knotty Shores new website www.knottyshores.com or follow me on social media:

Instagram:  @knottyshores
Facebook:  Knotty Shores
Twitter:  @woollybunnet

or email me at lisa@knottyshores.com

Thank you for visiting! Please check back soon!